Your Work Is Not Good (Dialogue)

"Your work is not good," he said to her.

"Why?" she wondered.

That day, she was thinking of talking to her manager about quitting because she couldn't express herself in her job.

"Can you tell me the reason?" she asked.

"First, you are a good and active person, and I'm glad to have you in our company. But we noticed that your place is not here."

She listened carefully to his words, trying to understand what he really wanted to say. It took her a moment to remember her dream, which she writes every day. She wants to be free.

"Are you going to bring in someone else?" she asked.

"See, I will replace you with someone who can work under stress. Also, you are so good at communication, and I'd be dumb if I didn't change your position and benefit from your talent. Listen, I believe that women are communicating creatures. They love to share with people, unlike us men, who love to play and deal with things."

"You noticed that?" She had a big smile on her face.