The Voice Within

A lady who didn't see her treasure looked outside to find it. She tried to follow or obey cultural ideas without thinking; her mind was concentrated on acceptance. One day she observed a feeling come to her - a voice precisely- telling her to stop whenever she said "yes." She is starving to accept her.

That feeling starts to visit her in her mind and plays its music. In the beginning, she resists it and tries to stop it, but her tries fail. She continues living her life and ignores it. Whatever she ignores, that voice begins to grow. Till that day, she received trauma from her close people that slapped her face.

She couldn't handle it and left.

Isolation was her best friend. She surrounded herself with things she loved. Again, the voice came, and finally, she decided to listen to it. The voice tells her to be content and strengthen herself, accepting that she is a vulnerable and strong creature, making her a beautiful person.

That voice was coming from her soul, reminding her to build a relationship with her heart. And to sing her song.