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The Untold Secrets Of Healthy Life (Dialogue)

Lately, she has been focusing on improving her health. Yesterday, she walked home holding a big bag filled with healthy goods. However, she replaced every misinformation about health that came from medical doctors.

“Oh my god! I’m the stupid one who accepted and followed their way. I have to do my homework.”

While she was researching, her friend called her. “It’s Sarah,” she thought. She picked up the phone.

“Hi. How are you?”

“I’m doing well.”

“I’m calling you to ask you something. I know you are interested in improving your health. I’m looking for a good oil that doesn’t change its chemical structure during cooking.

“You can try coconut oil. It can hold at high temperatures. You can also use ghee; it is an animal-based oil for cooking.”

“Sounds good. I choose to be with people who push my health to the maximum because they care.

“I agree with you. Recently, I adopted the new idea that most medical doctors are good at emergencies and surgeries, not treatments. I have no idea how they didn’t notice how the cell needs to work efficiently.”

“I hate the side effects of medicines. They fix and destroy at the same time.”

“Also, they have been covering the benefits of fats. I remembered I saw a restaurant name that was related to fat-free. I laughed because the idea behind fat is it causes diseases. If people understand how to get rid of bad fats, replace them with good ones, and learn how to deal with good oils, their lives will change completely.

“Our body is an intelligent and vital machine that can adapt and cope with changes.

“Our body is an intelligent and vital machine that can adapt and cope with changes. It’s all about inputs: thoughts, feelings, and foods.

“I don’t know why they hide this information.”

“Do you think it’s the benefit? If you understand how your body works and what it needs, the medical systems will be destroyed. However, we need them in the emergency and operating rooms.”

Her friend laughed and said: “You are trying to destroy the picture of the medical doctor.”

“No. I believe doctors are humans. They make mistakes.”

“I remember what my father once told my brother: It’s best to be a doctor or engineer. While my brother craves to be someone he wants. This idea must disappear because it’s harmful, and we must encourage our children to choose what they want to be. Aha, It’s a long journey. Anyway, what are we going to do?”

“Reading research and writing my thesis.”

“Good. All the best.”

“I hope I will graduate this year. Last year was brutal on me.”

“You are a strong woman, and I love you.”

“Thank you, Sarah. Love you, too.”

She finished the conversation with her friend and opened her computer to start writing. She hoped to reverse the wrong message about being healthy, but she couldn’t. She chose to apply what she learned to herself to see the results.

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