The Reaction is Complete

“Work. Work. Please work.” She said

That day was difficult; she worked hard to prepare and purify her compounds. She was staring at the round-bottom flask that held her chemical reaction. She picked up her notebook and started to write:

“A reaction is a battle beginning in front of me. Molecules are talking and negotiating with each other loudly. Before the war, one of the molecules tried to deal with the other. But the war began when that molecule became angry and pulled one electron without asking. How come?”

While writing down her thoughts, a friend came and asked her to take a break. She apologized and returned to her madness.

She randomly wrote her ideas and doubts, “Do I know what is going on? Is something happening that I have to figure out? Something like how these molecules talk to each other without sacrifice? Is that what chemistry keeps telling me? To be patient to understand its lessons? What lessons? How do these molecules recognize each other? How do the chemists understand that? I noticed that chemists play many roles, such as an accountant holding a calculator and calculating the number of molecules reacting with the other.”

An alarm sound interrupted her flow of thoughts. “Aha! It looks like the reaction is complete. I have to check and clean up the mess after that war and find out if my material requires further cleaning.” She stopped her reaction and started to purify her product.