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Stay Simple

I was walking on the way to the big tree in the middle of the park where we planned to meet. The weather was clear with a gentle wind. One hand was holding my favorite drink, iced matcha. It was cold, and I was ready to fuse with it. The other hand was holding a blue chair. I sat on it, looking at the people sitting in a circular shape. The view was tremendous, and we were ready to open our brains to play the thoughts game.

I enjoyed listening to different perspectives during the session. We were talking about simplicity and asked many questions related to it. I concluded that simplicity is just how to accept an idea and apply it. Steve Jobs once said, "That's been one of my mantras- focus and simplicity," He is known for his creativity. Well, simplicity means clarifying the ideas and simply presenting them, which takes time and effort. I believe in the power of being simple in everything; as Coco Chanel said, "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."

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