Self-love is the Key

From my experiences as a graduate student in the STEM field with concurrent responsibilities toward a family and a business, I have learned how important it is to love yourself in a world filled with competition. Living in a competitive environment has caused me to self-destruct, and I'm now working on my self-love. I'm in my fifth week of a unique course about self-love filled with lessons, meditations,

and exercises.

Do you know what the challenging part of the course is? It is learning to accept your ugly side and practice feeling gratitude for what you have. However, people and circumstances are such great tools to help you understand yourself clearly. They reflect your thoughts and feelings like a mirror, and you have to be aware of their messages; therefore, they are here to sharpen your faculties. We usually love to surround ourselves with people who support us; but, what about people who hurt us? These people have a mission to help you grow and spot your pain, and when you understand it from where it is coming, they vanish. So, be grateful for these kinds of people who help you develop through the pain, and remember you came to earth to love and reinvent yourself.