It's hard to ... (Dialogue)

- It's hard.

- What is it hard?

- Writing.

- Why is it hard?

- IT'S EXHAUSTED because I can't transfer my thoughts to a piece of paper.

- So, what is the problem?

- I think there is a barrier between my thoughts and the writing.

- It might be the pen.

- No, no, no.

- What is it?

- Confidence helps to write your ideas articularly and express them.

- Why it's hard?

- I think it's coming from the acceptance.

- From who?

- The community.

- What will happen to you when they don't receive your ideas?

- Disappointment and guilt.

- What will happen when you become disappointed?

I'll lose myself.

-Which one is the most important to you, is YOU or the community?

It was a difficult question to answer that ended with the realizing ignorance of her priorities. She felt sorry for herself after discovering her power was coming from the outside, not from herself.