I Play To Enjoy

Have you ever thought about living a mystical journey to money? It sounds weird, right. I experienced it, and it was an amazing journey to understand the hidden thoughts attached to money. What do you usually feel when you hold money? Is it a positive or negative feeling? Your thoughts and feelings are the driving force of how you earn and spend your money.

Last weekend, I met a beautiful lady, Madiha Bee, who created such a beautiful course called "Money Goddess" for women who want to understand their traumas and purpose to awaken their authenticity. The workshop was enjoyable, informative, energetic, and spiritual, vibrated with shamanic healings. She helped us connect, share, support, and deeply express our thoughts and feelings.

How did this course help me? First, I noticed that my driving force toward life comes from joy; therefore, I let go of "I play to win" and replaced it with "I play to enjoy." Also, I was shocked about the idea behind money, and I didn't think that losing my parent was the reason. Wow, how does the effect of feelings be so strong on our behavior? Just think about it.