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A Way to Start Organic Chemistry

She was working at the cafe, a place where she usually met her friends. Her friend came, and she was overwhelmed.

- What is wrong with you? She asked her.

- I attended my first organic chemistry class—the subject you adore! I have no idea how you can understand it.

- Before discussing it, would you like to have coffee or tea?

- Tea, please.

She left her workplace and placed her order.

- Here is your tea. Tell me. What is going on?

- I'm afraid of not passing this course.

- Why? It's just the beginning. See it as a game: You have to understand the rules and move on.

- A game! Most students can't understand it because it requires a lot of memorization and imagination; we don't have time to memorize and imagine. What I see are just symbols, letters, and numbers, which are difficult to remember.

- It's the formula language.

- What does it mean?

- A basic concept: It's drawing the structures from formulas. You should return to the Lewis structure model. I think you learned the concept in general chemistry.

- Yes.

- It would be best if you review the Lewis dot structure model.

- But why?

- Most students don't connect what they draw with the purpose and reason for drawing the structures. Gilbert Lewis, a physical chemist, created this unique tool to help you make sense of the chemistry you are learning. It's a link between the structure of chemical compounds and their functions. It would help if you focused and continued practicing drawing by using the Lewis dot structures.

- I'll do the homework; Thank you for simplifying it.

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