A New Perspective

I usually start my post by asking questions, but this blog post is different. From the idea that I believe biology is an application of chemical science, I will share what I have learned with you.

However, I have been reading a book named “never fear cancer again” by Dr. Raymond Francis, and this book changed how I see cancer cells. I will tell you how. Before, I imagined the cancer cell as an intelligent and, at the same time, the evil queen who wanted to build her Queensland by occupying our body. That idea utterly changed when I have learned how it creates. I felt sorry for her.

Briefly, This book is precious, informative and changed my idea about cancer and how to deal with it. I learned from Dr. Raymond that the only disease is “cellar malfunction,” the rest are the symptoms, and the cell is made of nutrients, not drugs. Therefore, they result from a lack of nutrients and toxicity; they only want to rest in peace through understanding their mechanism and boosting our immune system. It’s an invitation to change your lifestyle and live the life you deserve.