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A Confession of a Narcissist

You came to me to talk about yourself, am I right?


Talk to me.

Ummm. Honestly, I'm self-centered, and I don't care about others. I will talk to you without judgment.


The truth is pain is my fuel, and it's a powerful tool to control people. I love to watch people suffering because they choose to suffer, accepting the idea that they are weak! It's just a mind game that I enjoy playing. You know what? Actually, how can they grow if they don't suffer? I'm here to serve them to improve and grow. Yes, this is the reason for letting me seduce them because they want it.

What do you mean "they want it"? What do they want?

They are looking for someone who can serve their needs. It's easy! First, I listen to them carefully, understand their needs when they talk, and ask for help. My game starts by weakening them and making them feel miserable about their situations, even their lives. When I notice they can't live without me, which means they start to get used to me, I leave.

Leave! Why?

You know what? I feel bored, and I want to play the same game with another person.

What does that make you feel?

Umm, come on. It's a power. I have created memories filled with pain and pleasure. It's one of my strategies of seduction. Anyway, I'm not comfortable about that, and I prefer to stop.

I understand!

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