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Dancing with the Molecules

"The synthesis and the analysis of chemical compounds is what chemists do."- Stuart Rosenfeld

Understanding chemistry is a challenge; the synthesis of novel compounds that do not exist naturally or other existing compounds is a masterpiece.

Nature adores playing with curious people just like us, presenting herself as a mysterious phenomenon waiting to discover. Therefore, spending hours to figure out how the conversion of starting material to the structure-goal requires logic! The logic of science helps us examine an argument by asking questions about molecular geometry and a compound's nature.

However, chemical synthesis is similar to cooking, which is spontaneous and straightforward for most people. It is a process that focuses on building molecules by initiating two molecules to react together in certain conditions to pursue other molecules. That's how a chemist releases creativity in chemistry; by learning how to synthesize and prepare molecules.

The chemist presents new solutions/products, whether natural or artificial, to help improve humanity.

In the end, synthesis is a practice/exercise on developing creativity in chemistry that requires philosophical inquiry, and this is how the chemists dance with molecules.

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